How to repair a computer having RAM Issues

There are several things that cause a computer to have RAM issues. You suspect the RAM because your browsers are taking forever to load, or your pictures don’t spring up as they would normally, or maybe your music keeps getting interrupted by the hourglass or the circling arrow icon. The same circling arrow comes up when your trying to watch a movie. All these can be indicators of RAM problems. If the computer normally works better that this then try the following fix:

First check to see if your computer recognizes all the RAM installed. Go to the start icon in the lower left hand side of your screen and right click go all the way up the lines of things to do with your computer till you find System and left click. Read the specs of your machine to find RAM count. If you know you have 16 gigabytes of RAM installed, and you click on system to find the properties, then it says 8 gigabytes of RAM. This is the most common ram issue. The fix for this is to open the case and put on your electrostatic wrist strap then ground it to the case. Make sure everything is unplugged and removed from the computer before opening the case. Go to your RAM bank. This looks like two vertical rows attached to the main board by levers on either end. One of those rows of RAM is probably leaning while the other is parallel with the board. Push down on the high side of the leaning ram and you will here a click and the lever on that side locks into the ram chip. Put the case back on and plug everything back up to go through the System check again. If it shows your normal 16 gigabytes of RAM. Your repair is complete.

There are other things that sometimes cause RAM problems. If you are not sure about anything take it to computer repair johns creek . Sometimes when trying to increase RAM the amateur will put in RAM chips that are different from the kind the motherboard supports. Instructions for kind of RAM, should be in the user’s manual. Sometimes the board will have two different kinds of RAM. When I say different I’m not talking brand names but actual RAM types. To find if this is the problem remove both sticks and compare them. The numbers should match. If one is 667, the other should be 667. These numbers represent the speed of the chip in megahertz.

If one is DDR3-1333, then the other should be DDR3-1333. Both sides of the bank of RAM should always match, unmatched RAM will always be incompatible with your computer whether PC or Laptop. To see if your RAM matches, go through the above System diagnosis.

You can’t just add 16 gigabytes of ram and expect it to show on your computer. If it doesn’t register, it is useless. Always buy RAM suggested in the computer manual or motherboard booklet.

There is another consideration, the maximum amount of RAM that the computer will support is always listed in the spec of your machine. If you’ve already got 16 gigabytes and the specs quote 16 gigabytes as maximum, you can’t add any more RAM. Any attempt at trying to get more RAM than maximum will only damage the machine. A graphics card with it’s own RAM, might solve movie or game problems.

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Every once in a while you will have to the dirty job when it comes to repairing pipes at your home. That means you should be prepared psychologically and have some tools to help you out. Below are the tips on how to do the job okay when you are doing the repair of pipes by yourself.


Use heat to your advantage and make sure that you are doing this on exterior pipes only. Again, this can help the pipes when they freeze and stop flowing water or waste in your home. Heating means the temperature is going to do the work for you. Importantly, make sure that you are looking at the right issue with your pipes by assessing before you get to do anything else. Mostly, homeowners do not check the pipes even when they are okay so they are unlikely to know when the issue with the pipes started (Thats what my Plumber friend from Johns Creek told me..

leaky pipe

Assessment does not need a water damage expert since you can check the basement for damages or any leaking any other place in the house. That you will detect the actual issue or the place the pipe has a leak and you can now do the repair. Trace a trap leak back to the wall and you will know the actual source of the leak.

Try to check for the valves if they are okay because you have to install new ones. Do not repair the pipe if it goes through a cement foundation. Using a hose bib gives you the chance to shut off the water so that you can handle a leaky pip without having to lose too much amount of water. Mostly, faucets do leak or they will eventually leak since they are attached to pipes using mechanical force. When it starts to leak it is advisable to install a new one and avoid redoing repairs every now and then. Older faucets have a higher preference but they are likely to leak sooner.


Boost the speed of your computer

There are several ways to speed up the computer you call “Mr. Slow Poke”.

You can install more random access memory. Open the box after cutting it off and unplugging everything. You will see a place where two or more chips are attached to the main board. Carefully without touching anything else on the main board push down the levers on either side of one of these chips. Take this chip to your local computer supply store and let them tell you what kind of chips you can buy to get more memory. When you get back with your new memory, the new chips can be replaced in the opposite order you took them out. If this sounds confusing or at all complicated take your whole box to the computer repair johns creek ga store and tell them you want more memory.If you want to try other ways to speed up your machine without spending money here are a few tip..-

First look to see if you have more than one antivirus program running. Look for common known names in your program list in control panel. Common names are Norton, Mcafee, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky,Webroot, Bitdefender, Trend Micro, and many others. No one PC should use more than one antivirus at the time. The different antivirus programs work against each other and use up loads of system memory. These antivirus programs sometimes piggyback when you are installing software. In Control Panel find the extra antivirus programs that you don’t need and uninstall those memory suckers.

Disable system sounds

Go to bottom left of screen and right click on symbol. Go up to control panel click on that. In control panel select “Hardware & Sounds”, then select “Change System Sound”, in drop down select “Sound Scheme”, next select no sound.

Disable unnecessary startups

Go to task manager by right clicking on taskbar at the bottom of your screen and going up to select “Task Manager” then select the “startup” tab at the top of the box, find programs you don’t need to begin when you start your computer, click on each one separately and click disable in each box. Some browsers probably don’t need to run at startup, programs like “print shop” or “Adobe Photoshop” probably don’t need to run at startup. Remember that disabling them at startup doesn’t mean you can’t start them at your desire by clicking on them in the “Start” menu.

Disable “Windows Search”

Right click on the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and choose “Run”, type “services.msc” and click “OK”,scroll down close to the bottom to “Windows Search” and double click “Startup Type” and select “disabled”, click “Stop” at the bottom and then click OK in the far bottom to leave services.